Study Aids

NOTE:  The most recent E-Sword, version 9, uses different file types than the original version.  Before you download either of the following, you need to find out which version you have, and download the appropriate file below.  You can find your E-Sword version by opening the program and clicking the "help" tab and the "About..."  The box that open will tell you what version you have.  If the first number is 9, download the second file below.

I do not have the newest version of E-Sword, nor do I have any intention to get it, so I cannot guarantee that the new version below actually works.  If somebody tries it, please let me know whether it is working or not.

Bro. John Thomas' translation of the Apocalypse and paraphrase of Dan. 11 for E-Sword up to 9.x. 
This is a module for the free Bible program "E-Sword".  If you paste it in your E-Sword directory, the next time you open E-Sword it will appear as another translation tab across the top of the page.  Contact me if you need more detailed instructions.

File for E-Sword version 9.x and beyond.  (.bblx file)